Looking Back At the 1967 A & B Catamaran Trials

With the spotlight on the 2016 Equipment Evaluations here in Santander we thought we’d take you back to 1967 and the Isle of Sheppy, Kent, Great Britain where the IYRU A & B Catamaran trials took place.

From these trials the Tornado emerged as the boat of choice in the B catamaran division and was subsequently selected in 1972 for inclusion in the 1976 Olympic Sailing Competition in Montreal.

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Good Morning From Sunny Santander

The sun is shining this morning in Santander but it doesn’t look like we have much breeze. At the moment the Tornado team are in with the panel presenting their case.

Last night sailors, panel members, observers and manufacturers all met at the Real Club Maritimo de Santander. Club President Pedro Labat had words of thanks for sailors and ISAF and invited all sailors to the club ahead of the 2014 ISAF Sailing World Championships.

ISAF Secretary General, Jerome Pels, presented Labat with an ISAF flag that will proudly be displayed in the impressive club. Whilst ISAF were given an RCMS plaque that will look good in the office when we return!

There is the usual sailor briefing at 09:30 where sailors will find out the plan for the day.

The kiteboarders will also look to get going today as they test their format for possible inclusion in the 2016 Olympic Games.

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Summary Of Day Five

It was another light wind day here in Santander as the wind failed to fill in towards the latter part of the afternoon.

Nonetheless it gave the Evaluation Panel a chance to gather their thoughts and engage in discussion between themselves and with the sailors.

Enrique Figueroa (PUR) and Sylvia Vogl (AUT) got a chance to sit down with the mixed multihull sailors to speak to them about the seven boats out here in Santander. And just like the skiff meeting it was beneficial for both parties to have an open discussion between themselves.

The day started with the Hartley Rebel team speaking to the panel and ended with the Nacra manufacturers presenting their case to the panel.

Several kiteboarders are currently in Santander trialling formats for possible inclusion in the 2016 Olympic Sailing Competition. But just like the Skiff and Multihull sailors, they were left frustrated with a lack of wind.

It’s been good to see the new wave of Olympic sailing boats in action throughout the week, but not one to forget where we came from we’ve been retracing Olympic Sailing’s roots on the London 2012 ISAF Olympic Sailing website. We’re currently up to 1936, read more here. And images are available on the ISAF Facebook here.

There will be the usual sailor briefing at 9:30 tomorrow morning with sailors, panel members, observers and media hoping we get some breeze.

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Kiteboarders Join Skiff And Multihull Sailors On Day Five

The wind is very light this morning in Santander and at the 9:30 briefing sailors were told that there would be no sailing for a while.

A briefing will be held at 11:00, but whilst we wait for wind Evaluation Panel members Sylvia Vogl (AUT) and Enrique Figueroa (PUR) got an opportunity to meet with the mixed multihull sailors to hear their thoughts on what they’d sailed so far as well as offering advice.

The pair may team up either today, or tomorrow, on some of the multihulls so will try and get some images of them sailing together.

Today also sees the start of the Kiteboarding format evaluation so we have a nice blend of sailing talent here in Santander, and with the kiteboarders arrival, a lovely mix of colours! Find out more here.

Throughout the week we’ve taken some footage of all the boats, check out some of the best bits from the six skiffs.

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Productive Fourth Day In Santander

Light winds welcomed the sailors on the fourth day of the 2016 Equipment Evaluations meaning that sailing was postponed early on.

Despite waiting for breeze, it was a productive morning for the female skiff sailors as they joined Evaluation Panel members Adrienne Cahalan (AUS) and Sylvia Vogl (AUT) in an informal session where they all gave feedback on the skiffs they’d sailed so far.

The wind started to fill in early in the afternoon and the sailors hit the water at 14:00 local time. Today saw the sailors finish sailing all of the seven multihull and six skiff boats. Sailor feedback forms have been completed and returned to the panel for evaluation and consideration.

As we move into the second half of the trials sailors will move out of the bay to further test the boats, and themselves, in various conditions whilst continuing filling out feedback forms.

Towards the end of the session a series of informal races were conducted between the mixed multihull crews who got the chance to face off against each other. Whilst the boats are not evaluated against each other in race conditions it was nice to see the competitive edge come out in many of the sailors.

The AURA team face the panel this evening in the usual presentation and Q&A session whilst the sailors will take in the sights of the Santander as the sun we’ve had today begins to set.

Check out some images of the day below.

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Adrienne Cahalan Briefs Skiff Sailors

Whilst we wait for the wind to come in here in Santander it has given Adrienne Cahalan a chance to hear the skiff sailors thoughts on their sailing so far.

Along with her commitments currently ongoing in Santander, Adrienne is on the ISAF International Regulations Commission and the Oceanic and Offshore Committee.

We spoke to her at the 2011 ISAF Annual Conference, where she mentioned the fun of women’s skiff sailing. Hear what she had to say in Puerto Rico last year on the ISAF TV Player here.

Will look to catch up with her later this week to hear her thoughts on the trials.

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Enrique Figueroa Speaks Multihulls And Olympics

ISAF Evaluation Panel member Enrique Figuero (PUR) has a wealth of multihull sailing experience and has three Olympic Games under his belt.

Hear what he has to say here:

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