Day 4 In Santander

Good morning from the fourth day in Santander.

The sun is shining but there’s a bit of cloud cover and very little wind at the moment. Last night the Hobie Team presented their case to the panel and at the moment the Spitfire S team are in with the panel. There’s a whole host of Olympic and World Champions representing their boats here in Santander. Hobie had Fernando Leon (ESP) last night and Yves Loday (FRA) is representing the Spitfire S team.

There will be a sailors briefing today at 09:30 and hopefully the wind will pick up shortly.

By the end of the morning session most of the sailors would have sailed each boat once so we may get a chance to sail outside of the bay in the next few days. It will be a bigger test for the sailors and the boats so will be interesting to see how they do.

Hobie Team

Spitfire S Team


About ISAF

There are two principal meetings held by the International Sailing Federation every year: the ISAF Annual Conference held in November and the ISAF Mid-Year Meeting held in May. In addition, the ISAF Executive Committee meet four times a year; during the Conference and Mid-Year Meeting and on two other occassions. ISAF Annual Conference Every November, the ISAF Annual Conference brings together the leading figures from the sailing world to discuss, debate and decide upon the key issues in the sport of sailing. The ISAF Committees, Sub-committees and Commissions all have the opportunity to debate all the issues in their respective areas. Based on these discussions they will then make recommendations to the ISAF Council, which is the final decision making body of ISAF. The Conference concludes with three days of Council meetings, when the major decisions which affect sailing's future will be made. ISAF Mid-Year Meeting Held annually every May, the ISAF Mid-Year Meetings bring together the ISAF Council, ISAF Executive Committee and ISAF Events Committee. The key focus of the Council meeting is to consider financial issues and follow up on matters deferred from the Annual Conference.
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